Home Dialysis Machine

PD-GO home dialysis machine will automatically heat peritoneal dialysis fluid for patients, according to the patient's peritoneal dialysis prescription; in addition, the liquid waste will be automatically discharged from intra-abdominal and is automatically recording program information. PD-GO automated peritoneal dialysis machine provides a good way and means to make patients free from tedious manual peritoneal dialysis. Medical personnel also can make a decision whether to change the recipe based on the results recorded in the machine. The instrument is the safe and reliable peritoneal dialysis auxiliary equipment with stable performance.
1. Easy to operate,
2. Display subtitles
3. Small size
4. Automatical execution during procedures of individualized treatment of regimen
5. Using gravity siphon principle
6. Unparalleled safety for patient

Trading info:
1. Payment term: T/T in advance or irrevocable letter of credit at sight
2. Trading term: FOB China
3. Min. Q'ty: negotiable

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