A.V. Fistula Needle Set

1. Technical parameter:
 1) Siliconized ultra thin wall needle minimizes trauma to patients and allows smooth blood flow.
 2) Wings with concave-convex buckle allow convenient clench and control of the insertion angle.
 3) Soft and flexible tubes reduce the needle movement in patients.
 4) Color coded wings for easy identification of different specifications.
 5) Fixed wing and rotating wing for options.
 6) Luer lock connector for safe and reliable connection with blood lines.
 7) Sterilized by ethylene oxide, the product is sterile, non-toxic, pyrogen free and no adverse reaction.
 8) Expiry date: 3 years
2. Application: The device is intended for use as a vascular access device during hemodialysis.
3. Packing details:
 1000 pcs per carton (Single or Double packing for options)
 Carton size: 85x45x35 CM
 Small size package is available
4. Trademark: OEM
 Standard: ISO
 Origin: China
5. General specification:
 15G, 16G, 17G

 1) Needle effective lengths, tube lengths, wing types, needle point types and safety device are selected according to customer’s choice.
 2) Customized services can be provided according to requirements.